Friday, June 3, 2011

CG Frostbite and OPI Silver Shatter- oh my!

Hello again! I swatched one of my favorite CG colors (Frostbite) and my brand new OPI Silver Shatter today.

The perfect pair!

I have to say, I just picked up Frostbite a week or two ago and I am totally in love with it. It's from the Ski Collection, but Sally's Beauty Supply has it in their permanent CG collection. Frostbite is a high-luster cobalt (or maybe electric) blue. I think it is one of the most beautiful blue polishes I've ever seen.

Full Sun - 2 coats, no TC

Shade - 2 coats, no TC

Gosh, look at that. It's so vivid, yet wearable. Beautiful! The formula is a dream too: not too thin, not too thick, not streaky or patchy. The brush is the typical China Glaze brush. I have a little trouble controlling those brushes, but I think it's user error! I decided to try OPI Silver Shatter over Frostbite out of curiosity. I didn't have the heart to pass up this combo.

Full Sun - 2 coats Frostbite, 1 coat Shatter, no TC
Shade - 2 coats Frostbite, 1 coat Shatter, no TC

This combo is so beautiful! Silver Shatter tends to be a little sheer in thin coats, as you can see a little on my pinkie in the second picture. Its formula is just like any Black Shatter, and it has the same brush as all of the other OPI shades. I think that this shatter would look best over dark colors to get the full effect.

Have you guys picked up Silver Shatter? What do you think of the combo? Let me hear your thoughts!


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